PriceKit allows the retailer to optimize prices using an automatic price testing algorithm. 

The strategies are created by the category manager and limited with the upper and lower limits for SKUs or groups. The price testing algorithm predicts sales amount and helps to maximize profit using the data Machine Learning analysis in terms of:

  • geographical position of the particular store;
  • rivals’ prices;
  • demand dynamics;
  • margin and profit peaks;
  • SKU, product category or brand;

The service is integrated with e-ink price tags, so that the changes in the control panel are automatically transmitted to all the retail spaces.


Use cases


Convenience stores


Drug stores

Speciality stores

Gas stations and cafes

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Depending on your company’s size and IT-environment PriceKit can be distributed by the SaaS model or as an installation and integration with your custom ERP system.

PriceKit is billed monthly starting from €50 per store. Prices for electronic ink price tags starting from €5 per unit.

The price depends on the type of installation, catalog size, and other parameters and options, such as monitoring the prices of competitors, integration with e-ink price tags, etc.


It’s easy to start and maintain your business with our cloud-based platform


We can integrate your ERP system to expand the functionality of the system.


PriceKit could be installed on a dedicated server to ensure your safety standards


Web-based application for price management and backend server for continuous calculation

Our software allows to interact with the calculation engine through any modern web browser, set strategies, rules, limitations and notifications to achieve company’s goals. At the same time, the real-time mechanism works 24/7 to control the price of each SKU in the system and exchange data with external applications.


Modern and reliable wireless e-ink price tag system

Various designs

The variety of 20+ e-ink price tags include different colors, sizes and versions for several thermal and humidity modes

Energy efficient e-ink display

Wireless price tags with up to 5 years battery life and high resolution display

Wireless router for price tags management

The router is able to control up to 5000 price tags within a radius of 50 meters.

1-year warranty

For every piece of equipment

Operating temperature

From -20°C to +20°C


with third party software